Schmidt hammer exposure-age dating (SHD) of late Quaternary fluvial terraces in New Zealand

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Lindsey McEwen Lindsey. Mcewen uwe. This was supported by fan, catchment, and boulder characteristics. The high debris concentrations necessary for debris floods were attributed to paraglacial processes enhanced by unstable till deposits on steep slopes within the catchments.

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Schmidt-hammer exposure-age dating SHD of sorted stripes on Juvflye, Jotunheimen central south Norway : morphodynamic and palaeoclimatic implications. T1 – Schmidt-hammer exposure-age dating SHD of sorted stripes on Juvflye, Jotunheimen central south Norway : morphodynamic and palaeoclimatic implications. N2 – Measurements with an electronic Schmidt-hammer RockSchmidt were conducted on 23 sites of sorted stripes periglacial patterned ground on Juvflye, Jotunheimen central South Norway.

First attempt to combine terrestrial cosmogenic nuclide (10Be) and Schmidt hammer relative-age dating: Strauchon Glacier, Southern Alps.

Help Contact us. Guglielmin, M. Geomorphology , The weathering effect of two of the most widespread species of macrolichens in this area Usnea sphacelata and Umbilicaria decussata was tested at 5 different sites on Rothera Point. Schmidt Hammer data, in conjunction with recent 14C age, suggest a deglaciation age for the Marguerite Bay area of around 12 ka, and an average uplift rate of 5.

The weathering rates are extremely slow e. Our data confirm that lichens exert a strong impact on weathering, decreasing the Schmidt Hammer R-values on lichenised surfaces by a factor of 3—4 compared to bare rock surfaces.

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Contact Miss Cristina-Ioana Balaban email at cristina-ioana. Understanding the response of mountain glaciers to climate change is one key goal of climate scientists and glaciologists. Crucially, society relies on mountain glaciers for water and mineral clay, sand, gravel resources provision and tourist activities. While the behaviour of high-elevation mountain glaciers in temperate-maritime climates i. Tianshan Mountains, Central Asia is well under research, much less is known about mid-altitude mountain ranges in transitional climate settings.

The Schmidt hammer is a relatively cheap, portable, sturdy instrument with proven value over the last two decades or so in rapidly dating coarse inorganic.

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Schmidt hammer exposure dating (SHED): Calibration boulder of Tomkins et al. (2016)

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Goudie AS () The Schmidt hammer in geomorphological research. JAM Schmidthammer exposureage dating (SHD) A technique of EXPOSUREAGE.

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